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  Welcome to Jung’s Acupuncture Center!!!

 “Fast Pain Relief! Reduced Stress! Improved Energy!”

Beauty & Diet

Cosmetic & Facial Acupuncture, Weight Management.

Pain Management

Chin’s Acupuncture Center Specializes in Pain Management.


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This clinic will provide you the most effective treatment.


Herb Medicine is formulated for every patient’s condition.

Prevention is the Greatest Treatment

Originally, Chinese Medicine was used as a form of preventative care. So strong was its efficacy that physicians in ancient China were paid only to keep their patients well.

If a patient became sick, the doctor was not paid again until the patient recaptured their wellness. Thousands of years later, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and massage are still effective ways to practice prevention.

By correcting minor imbalances before they develop into anything further, we have the unique skill of both helping you avoid chronic health conditions and keeping you feeling your best.

Integrating monthly or seasonal sessions will not only help to preserve your current state of health, but also help you to increase your energy levels, optimize your digestion, improve your sleep, and boost your immune system.

Plus, treating imbalances before they become conditions requires far less of your time and money than the alternative.

It is like hitting the restart button on your computer; everything just works better after you do. When was the last time you rebooted your system?


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Ben Franklin